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One of the requirements for the "Windows 7 Logo Program" is that the application must be a standalone application. Does a Windows 7 gadget qualify as a standalone application?

To my knowledge, a gadget runs under the Sidebar.exe process (also in Windows 7). Though the Sidebar is not visible in Windows 7 it runs in the background when a gadget is run.

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The best people to ask would be Microsoft (maybe on the MSDN forums?). Saying that a gadget runs under sidebar.exe so it does not count as standalone would be much like saying that a VB.NET program isn't standalone because it requires .NET but there are .net applications out there with the "Windows 7 logo program" badges.

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Well, Running under a process is different from requiring something to run. Sidebar.exe runs all the gadgets in its process whereas .NET applications runs in their own processes. I have raised a question for the MSDN guys... and will post the response when I get from them. –  A9S6 Nov 30 '09 at 17:11
True and I suppose that's a good point. They do load libraries from the CLR, though. I have never seen a gadget with the Windows 7 logo, though but yours might be the first. –  Andy E Dec 1 '09 at 16:48

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