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Within a tcl program I am trying to exec a program which takes input using <

puts [exec "./program < inputfile"]

However, this produces the error

couldn't execute "./program < inputfile": no such file or directory

Is there a way of doing this in tcl?

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Tcl can process redirections itself, so you would write:

puts [exec ./program <inputfile]

Otherwise, it tries to interpret the whole thing as a single (somewhat strange) filename; legal (on Unix, not on Windows) but not what you wanted.

Alternatively, you can fire the whole thing off through the system shell:

puts [exec /bin/sh -c "./program < inputfile"]

That works, but has many caveats. In particular, quoting things for the shell is a non-trivial problem, and you're not portable to Windows (where the incantation for running things through the command-line processor is a bit different). You also have an extra process used, but that's not really a big problem in practice unless you're really stretching the limits of system resources.

The plus side is that you can use full shell syntax in there, which can do a few things that are downright awkward otherwise. It's also more widely known, so something I'd surface to users with a medium level of expertise. (New users should stick to canned stuff; real experts can write some Tcl scripts.)

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This is expanding on Chhama's self-answer, which is entirely right. –  Donal Fellows Jun 9 '13 at 17:55

I found out the answer, the command has to be written as

puts [exec "./program" < inputfile]
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