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I have a Play 1.2.4 app that is the backend for a mobile app. I would like to upload a picture from the mobile app and associate that picture with a user. I have found lots of answers that show how easy it is to do image upload with Play if the upload is done from a Play view.

The incoming image is coming as a multipart/form-data POST request. The form field that contains the image is file. I created this method:

public static void uploadProfilePicture(File image, String filename, String token) {


In the model, I have a play.db.jpa.Blob object called picture. How do I convert the File to a play.db.jpa.Blob?

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You can map directly to Blob, and it doesn't matter whether it comes from Play view or not.

public static void uploadProfilePicture(Blob file, String name, String token) {
    User u = User.find("byAuthToken", token).first();
    u.profile_picture = b;
    /* ........... */
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This seems to work:

public static void uploadProfilePicture(File file, String name, String token) {
    User u = User.find("authToken=?1", token).first();
    try {
        InputStream is = new FileInputStream(file);
        Blob b = new Blob();
        b.set(is, "image/png");
        u.profile_picture = b;
    } catch (FileNotFoundException fnf) {
        Logger.info("File not found when trying to upload profile picture");
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I'm not using BLOB in my data type on my model, instead i used byte[].. it will be automatically converted to blob on the database..

You can refer to my sample model.

package models;
import java.util.List;
import javax.persistence.Entity;
import javax.persistence.FetchType;
import javax.persistence.GeneratedValue;
import javax.persistence.Id;
import javax.persistence.Lob;
import javax.persistence.ManyToOne;
import javax.persistence.OneToMany;
import javax.persistence.OneToOne;
import org.hibernate.annotations.GenericGenerator;
import org.hibernate.annotations.Type;
import org.joda.time.DateTime;
import play.db.jpa.GenericModel;
import com.google.gson.annotations.Expose;

public class Memorandum extends GenericModel{
    @GeneratedValue(generator = "system-uuid")
    @GenericGenerator(name = "system-uuid", strategy = "uuid2")
    public String id;
    public String details;
    public String filename;
    public DateTime datePosted;
    public byte[] attachment;
    public String subject;


My save controller

public static void save_memo(Memorandum memo,File attachment)

        memo.datePosted = DateTime.now();

        memo.attachment = IO.readContent(attachment);
        memo.filename = attachment.getName();


The byte[] will be in BLOB format in your database.

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