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On some comment on FB, i can read "1 Like". However, when I hover the "1 Like" the message which appears is "no one currently likes this" ! But someone did !

I guess the liker has disapeared from Facebook or something like that... But how can i find a real explanation ? Does Facebook talk about that case ?

You want a concrete example ? Some comments of this post have "likes", but when you hover it, it says : "no one currently likes this".

When i access to this post from the Graph API, the "like-count" of the comment is still at "1 Like", but if I ask for the list of likers, i haven't got any answer ( I ask for the list with the FB-Graph-Explorer and the {COMMENT_ID}/likes endpoint )

Does somebody have information about it ? Does somebody knows more ? It needs to be documented ! Thank you !

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This seems to be a bug, I filed it for you here:

you can subscribe to follow it.

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