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Given the configuration in /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern set to /cores/core.%e.%p, core dumps are named according to pattern, however for processes running executables with long names e.g. SampleCrashApplication, the generated core file will contain a truncated executable name: /cores/core.SampleCrashAppl.9933

What is causing this ? The man core page talks only about maximum size of the resulting core filename being 128 (64 for kernels before 2.6.19)

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The code for this can be found in exec.c here.

The code is going to copy the corename based on the pattern up to the first percentage (giving /cores/core.). At the percentage it's going to increment and process the 'e'. The code for processing the 'e' part prints out the pattern using snprintf based on the current->comm structure.

This is the executable name (excluding path) TRUNCATED to the value TASK_COMM_LEN. Since this is defined as 16 characters (at least in the Kernel I found) then SampleCrashApplication is truncated to 15 + 1 characters (1 for the null byte at the end) which explains why you get your truncated core dump name.

At to why this structure truncates the name TASK_COMM_LEN, that's a deeper question, but it's something internal to the kernel and there's some discussion here.

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