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Is there a simple environment like idle for someone to learn their first programming language - Python, on an Android tablet?

I am not after the complexity of creating apps. They just need to learn basic Python.


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you may want to check out learnpython.org .. –  Levon Jun 9 '13 at 16:48

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Since installing an IDE like how you would do on your desktop/laptop is out of the question, your options would boil down to:

  1. App: Personally I haven't seen an app out there yet which has such capabilities.
  2. Web: Here you will find options. Web based IDEs have been around for a while now. Two websites which I can think of where you could learn programming with one of those IDEs would be

- Relfor

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Ithink I'llgo for @levon 's sugestion of the web-based learnpython.org. Thanks.

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