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I am using the dropzone.js plugin to add an image uploader to my application. I know this is probably a really basic question so apologies but what I want to do is limit the file extensions. This works for a single file extension,

<script type="text/javascript">
   Dropzone.options.dropzone = {
        accept: function(file, done) {
            if (file.type != "image/jpeg") {
                done("Error! Files of this type are not accepted");
            else { done(); }

So my question is how to add multiple file extensions, i.e. image/jpeg, image/png?


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You could add more extensions to your if, like so:

if (file.type != "image/jpeg" && file.type != "image/png") {

This will check if the file type is different from ALL of the types you specify. For a file to pass the check, it has to be different from image/jpeg AND image/png


I would advise to look at enyo's answer since he is the author of Dropzone.

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Great thanks, that works a treat. –  user1098178 Jun 9 '13 at 17:21

I'm the author of Dropzone.

You should use the acceptedMimeTypes acceptedFiles. This behaves exactly the same as the input element's accept property. This way, even the fallback will work properly.

Valid acceptedFiles properties can look like this:

  • audio/*
  • image/*
  • image/jpeg,image/png
  • etc...

EDIT: in the latest versions of Dropzone this property is called acceptedFiles and it allows you to also define extensions. So this would work:


(For backwards compatibility acceptedMimeTypes will still work until the next major release)

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It would be nice to have a similar property but the other way around. Block certain file types. For example, I am using this uploader in conjunction with PHP and I don't care what files they upload as long as they aren't PHP files. I can do this via PHP for now. I am really diggin this uploader you made though, great job. –  Ronnie Oct 1 '14 at 19:34

thanks enyo it worked ....awesome...just paste that line in dropjone.js->

uploadMultiple: true, (upload multiple files)
maxFilesize: 1,  (1 mb is here the max file upload size constraint)
acceptedFiles: ".jpeg,.jpg,.png,.gif",
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var myDropzone = new Dropzone('div#profile_pictures',{
    acceptedFiles: "image/*"; /*is this correct?*/
    init: function(){
        this.on("success", function(file, data) {
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