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I would like to use Jquery Bullseye to show a div when scrolled down. My HTML is

<div class="a preview"></div>
<div class="b preview"></div>
    <div class="a-content content">
        <p>some content (1)</p>
    <div class="b-content content">
        <p>some content (2)</p>

And my Javascript (for the Bullseye script)

$(function() {

$('.a').bind('viewportenter', function(e) {
$(".content-1 div").hide('blind', { direction: "up" });
$(".a-content").siblings().hide('blind', { direction: "up" });
$(".a-content").show('blind', { direction: "up" });

}); });

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I have to add the if 'e.type ...' so it works. My Javascript looks like this now:

 $(function () {

.bind('enterviewport', function (e) {
            if (e.type == 'enterviewport')
               $(".b-content").toggle('blind', { direction: "up" });

    }); });

But how do I insert the options for Bullseye? For example I want to change the value of extendHeight to 50px. How do I do that?

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