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I am having a little trouble getting my setInterval code to work. It is held within a click event. The first part works great but when I click a second time, it just flashes back and forth.

if ($("div.container div.back-01").hasClass("show-01")) {
    setInterval(function(){$("div.container div.back-01").addClass("hide-01")}, 600);
    setInterval(function(){$("div.container div.back-01").removeClass("show-01")}, 600);
    setInterval(function(){$("div.container div.front-01").addClass("show-01")}, 600);
    setInterval(function(){$("div.container div.front-01").removeClass("hide-01")}, 600);
} else if ($("div.container div.front-large-01").hasClass("show-01")) {
    setInterval(function(){$("div.container div.front-01").addClass("hide-01")}, 600);
    setInterval(function(){$("div.container div.front-01").removeClass("show-01")}, 600);
    setInterval(function(){$("div.container div.back-01").addClass("show-01")}, 600);
    setInterval(function(){$("div.container div.back-01").removeClass("hide-01")}, 600);

The hide-01 and show-01 just have display: none and display: block.

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Can you show some of the html and css to go with this question since you included the tags (and since the context is a little bare without it). –  Travis J Jun 9 '13 at 18:55
If you want it to run once only, then setTimeout should be used instead. setInterval will continually run until cleared. –  Joseph the Dreamer Jun 9 '13 at 19:05

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