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I want to reload my project's custom classes in Laravel so they become accessible, but on a shared hosting enviroment. To my understanding, so far, locally, I've been achieving the desired by using this command:

composer dump-autoload

however, running that via putty's SSH gives me:

-bash: composer: command not found

Any idea?

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You have to install composer on the remote machine that your are ssh'ing to. You can find installation instructions on the composer homepage.

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please try: php composer.phar dump-autoload

Because composer is only avaialble when installed globally, into /usr/local/bin/composer path.

Hope that helps!

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Try this command: # php-cli composer.phar --help

In some servers Composer should be invoked via the CLI

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php composer.phar dump-autoload


php composer.phar update
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In webfaction is: php54 composer.phar dump-autoload

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If you are running in a production environment make sure to run:

[path to composer.phar] dump-autoload --optimize

This will autoload ony the necessary classes and GREATLY increase performance of your Laravel app.

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