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How can i integrate my website with i mean i want people to log in with Vkontakte information on my website. I need button like "Log in with" like it's on Facebook "Log in with Facebook"

There must be something like for no?

StackOverflow tells me that my questions has to completely describe my problem and include what I've already tried so...

  1. I tried to Google and i only got the API things ...
  2. I tried to search on pages but i got only share buttons and some things like that...

I think it must be on Russian language cause Vk is Russian social network ... i do speak Russian i understand, but i can't write so if you have some Russian source's it will be pleasure for me thanks!

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If they don't have documentation telling you how to do this, they probably don't have any way to do it at all. Ask them. – SLaks Jun 9 '13 at 20:17

The page you are looking for is here:

Update: Oh, seems that now they have another set of pages for developers here. I have no idea how you could miss it, since this link is in the footer of every page at

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