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When using UIWebView and CSS3 Columns, if I select text that is split/broken by a column break, then that UIWebView has a seizure and starts behaving...erratically.

Since the text or element is broken by the column break, UIWebView seems to get confused, and does not know which text rectangle to select - the one in the column the text break ends in, or the one it starts in. Here's a very rough representation of what I'm trying to relate:

enter image description here

The dark portion is scrolled outside the viewport of the iPhone, and not visible, so the selection rectangle is jumping out of view, as if the selection rectangle is trying to fly, and failing. The red part is where the touch/selection is and should be.

Here's a link to a where you can reproduce it on your device: http://fiddle.jshell.net/2MvKw/8/show/light/

I've tried so, so many things (all of which were ultimately failures) it makes me want to cry. iBooks, which uses UIWebView+CSS3 columns to do its thing, doesn't have this problem, since it limits itself to purely text selection (meaning it doesn't snap to whole elements, and instead is like desktop selection - character selection only). I assume they are subclassing ( but saying everyone else cant :( ).

I've seen this issue addressed in other apps by implementing other text selection systems via JavaScript that are independent of UIWebView's native selection (and slower). None of those Javascript systems are public, or available elsewhere...

This is probably a very specific problem (despite all the apps doing similar things) but does any one know of a way to limit the selection to an area, etc.?

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For anyone with a similar issue, one solution (more of a patch) was to use webkit-column-axis to order columns vertically. That way, the selection never jumps off of the page, just extends upwards and downwards. I tried webkit-column-progression: reverse, to order columns right-to-left, but the same issue as original still stuck. It's not a total fix, but it's more usable than the selection rectangle disappearing entirely. –  mattsven Jun 10 '13 at 22:05
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