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I'm looking for some hints. I've got my Pi running OpenCV, but I'm about to take on a project which will need several IP cameras, all piping video to OpenCV. I'm curious if it's possible to use the Pi+webcam in place of an IP camera?

I was attempting this by using Gstreamer on the Pi to pipe the video to a desktop PC, where I would use Python and OpenCV to process the images, then ship back answers to the Pi. The Pi is connected to actuators, so the described setup would save me the purchase of a few ip cams.

I've setup ffmpeg to capture the video and stream it, I just can't seem to find an appropriate Gstreamer pipe to get it pulled up in OpenCV on the Desktop.

I hope this is clear.

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first of all, i strongly recommend the latest gestreamer code you can get to compile on the rpi. some recent builds of gstreamer can be found in a 3rd party apt repository:


deb . main



and run

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

as superuser.

hope that helps. if not you may find some useful info at
or even

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