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Driving me Nutz!

I love Safari developer tools. I have tried many others and I think Safari developer tools are the best.

I do have some content to debug now and then, that is in iframes.

I cant seem to get Safari developer tool to recognize any scripts in an iframe. lets say I wanted to Watch Expressions in the iframe. I add a variable to "Watched Expressions" from the iframe in the scripts tab of Safari Developer tools - yet the values always show up as 'Error'

  • Using Safari Developer Tools - How do I get the Watched Expressions to work for variables an iframe?

Thank you.

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Which version of Safari are you using? I am using its 6.0.4th version. Well even I could not find the option to add watch expressions but at the bottom of the debugging window there is one more down arrow icon near continue script execution icon. Clicking on the icon you will get one console and you can see the value of the expressions you are interested in. Hope this helps you a bit.

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