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Sample: textfield1 textfield2 textfield3 textfield4 textfield5


Question: In iOS there are 5 text fields, assume button as value 1. When button is pressed the 1st time, the value 1 should be displayed in the first text field and the button value should be incremented to 2. When the button is pressed the second time, the value 2 should be displayed in the second text field and the button value should be incremented to 3. Continue similarly for all 5 values.

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Perhaps you can try using tags. Setup your text fields with tags 1 to 5, then implement the view controller something like this:

#import "ButtonValueViewController.h"

@interface ButtonValueViewController ()
// Properties
@property (nonatomic) int buttonValue;

// Actions
- (IBAction)buttonTapped:(UIButton *)sender;

@implementation ButtonValueViewController

@synthesize buttonValue;

// ...

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];

    // Initialise buttonValue to 1
    self.buttonValue = 1;

- (IBAction)buttonTapped:(UIButton *)sender
    // Get the textfield with the tag number the same as buttonValue
    UITextField * textField = (UITextField *)[self.view viewWithTag:self.buttonValue];

    // Set textfield's text to buttonValue
    textField.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d", self.buttonValue];

    // Increment buttonValue

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