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grunt-watch is being created using the program. A new added folder will not be found when it's added to the js directory.

If the file structure looks like the following:


And glob pattern "**/*.js" if moduleB.js or moduleA.js or modules/moduleC.js module changes, it works fine.

However, grunt-watch running js folder under a new folder for the new folder is added, it does not recognize the watch.

   // Grunt watch running ....
   // create new_folder and create moduleD.js
   js/new_modules/moduleD.js <------ Even if it changes the watch does not work.    

Is the glob pattern wrong?

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This is a known issue: New subfolders aren't watched until watch task is restarted

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ah...... thank you! –  TaeHee Kim Jun 11 '13 at 2:28

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