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I've got a question here. I have a raw file A which contains the column as below:

LG111222332626 2626 T C G A

LG111222332626 467789 G C G G

The column are separated by delimiter "TAB". My question is How to retrieve my desire line from raw file A if i were given a list B like as below:

LG111222332626 2626 

LG111222334768 1212

I was wondering if grep function able to do something like this

grep -e "LG111222332626\t2626" 

(but grep seems doesn't recognised \t here, what is the proper way to do this.)

Thanks all. Sorry if the way i express my problem is a bit confusing, hope you read me =)

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Use $'...' instead of "..." to get bash to interpret the tab escape before bash gets it. –  Kevin Jun 10 '13 at 2:19
Or just escape the slash: grep -e "\\t" –  Nirk Jun 10 '13 at 2:40
So grep -e $'LG111222332626\t2626' would work as @Kevin suggested. Kevin I think you could post this as an answer, because it solves the problem. –  fedorqui Jun 10 '13 at 9:01

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As indicated by Kevin in the comments:

Use $'...' instead of "..." to get bash to interpret the tab escape before bash gets it.

In this case,

grep -e $'LG111222332626\t2626'

will work.

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Thanks for the suggestiosn and i got it now using the -P option.

The commmand sounds as follow:

grep -P "LG111222332626"\\t"2626" file_A
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