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In eclipse you can hit "enter" and the IDE will automatically take you to the end of the line and place a semicolon.

In IntelliJ, if you hit shift-enter you get similar behavior minus adding the semicolon. I have read and tried cntrl-shift-enter and you get the exact same behavior. However, that is such an awkward key combination to be using all the time, at least much more so than the one-button approach using Eclipse.

Any ideas?

IntelliJ autocomplete escape

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Why don't you redo the key binding?

Go to: (spanner icon) Settings -> Keymap -> Complete Current Statement and rebind how you will (for example, ctrl-enter might suit you better).

Or there's also a default keymap set for Eclipse that you can choose. I'm not sure if it affects the complete-current-line action, but you could take a look.

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In InteiJ IDEA use (Ctrl-Shift-Enter) for "Smart Autocomplete".

It will end the line "smartly" with a semicolon as you wish. It also works in a few different situations like IF statements of FOR loops.

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