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I want to design tshirt designer application. When I put any tshirt on canvas then I want to restrict user to Edit some part of tshirt by adding Text and all. Please see screen shot and provide me with details.

enter image description here

Please refer my code here : http://dstudio.edreamz.in/Sample_tshirt_app/Tshirt_test.htm

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And what exactly is your question? –  MarioP Jun 10 '13 at 7:55
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Embed the background graphic of the shirt as a normal image in your HTML code. Then create a canvas with the size of the editable area and place it above the image using CSS positioning.

This has the advantage that the canvas is non-destructive to the background. When you erase something on the canvas, the background image beneath it will still be intact.

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You can handle move events and if any object moves outside the canvas boundary, you can use .set() to pull the object back inside the canvas.

Here is some code -- it's untested, you might have to tinker! ;)

canvas.on('object:moving', function(e) {
  var obj = e.target;
  var left=obj.get('left');
  var top=obj.get('top');

  // The following vars are calculated here for illustration only
  // You should pre-calculate all these values outside
  // this event handler since they don't change
  var width=obj.get('width');
  var height=obj.get('height');
  var maxLeft=canvas.getWidth()-width;
  var maxTop=canvas.getHeight()-height;

  // clamp the object inside the canvas
  // by forcing it's left/top to remain in bounds
  if(left<0){ obj.set('left',0); }
  if(top<0){ obj.set('top',0); }
  if(left>maxLeft){ obj.set('left',maxLeft); }
  if(left>maxTop){ obj.set('top',maxTop); }

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I have used this code.But no luck.It is working but not setting boundaries for object. –  Umesh Jun 11 '13 at 12:28
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