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well, i am try to use this calendar in cakephp and it works.

I am a very new and never learn jquery before. ok now i wish to did some modification on this calendar source. As u see inside the demo.html got that js code.

.on('onEvent', function(event){ 
    alert( +'-'+ event.month.valueOf() +'-'+ event.year.valueOf()); 

The onEvent will alert out the date as we picked as events day. Well, my question is .. how to change the word of that alert. I want it alert as my database data.

Example: i want it alert(<?php echo $date['Calender']['description']; ?>); when i onclick the event days as i done setup? any help ?

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If you just want to alert "Hello world" when the "onEvent" event is fired, try this

 .on('onEvent', function(event){ alert("Hello world"); })
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sorry pals, i means i need to alert some data from my database . i edited my post already – kampung30 Jun 10 '13 at 7:49

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