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We will provide YouTube EDU contents in our application.

I used the below API for querying the lectures in the category, and it's work well.


I'd like to search EDU lectures including specific keyword.
First, I used the q=keyword method, but it's not work with HTTP 403.


Second, I used the query=keyword method, it's work with out error, but the result was same without it.


Please, let me know how to query the relevant EDU content including specific keyword.

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I'm not sure if this is possible; I think the only allowed parameters for the lectures endpoint are category and course. You could do the category search and then filter them on your end, however. – jlmcdonald Jun 10 '13 at 21:19
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Unfortunately search is not supported with these feeds. The only thing you could try doing is filtering, using the partial response protocol in YouTube Data API V2 ( It is rather restrictive as far as operands are concerned so I am not sure it will fit your use case.

Another idea is to look to YouTube Data API V3 and Topics API. It is not a direct replacement for the EDU feeds in v2, but perhaps it will be a good potential source for content in your application.

For educational content, you can fetch the video category using:

then search within a category:'s%252Btheorem&type=video&videoCategoryId=27&_h=1&

With the search results you can learn about topic IDs for the videos, for example: VRcX9Fzu1Jo

Once you know the topic IDs, you can search for other relevant content. In this example, the topic ID is /m/0382k: - "Graph theory"

Other videos on this topic:

More information about searching by topics:

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Thank you for your answer. It's very useful. But, I still have same problem. Please give me your idea for my other question at the below. – Junyoung LEE Jun 18 '13 at 9:21

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