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How do I enable trace files using WifiHelper in NS3 something similar to its lte equivalnt of:

LteHelper lteHelper->EnableTraces();

I am particularly interested in the SINR information.

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You can call any of the functions defined in trace-helper.h. I would recommend one from the pcap family that generates information which can be read with wireshark: signalDbm and noiseDb, both of which are defined in the code in src/wifi/core/yans-wifi-phy.cc:YansWifiPhy::EndReceive

double signalDbm = RatioToDb (event->GetRxPowerW ()) + 30;
double noiseDbm = RatioToDb (event->GetRxPowerW () / snrPer.snr) - GetRxNoiseFigure () + 30;
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