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Here is a snippet of assembly code in AT&T Syntax.

int foo_array[64*1024]  __attribute__ ((aligned (8192)));

    __asm__("movl %0,%%eax"::"r"(&foo_array));

I understood that movl copies the data from source operand to destination operand. that is, in my case, it is moving 0 to eax.. This is what I have understood from this link - slide 2

However, I dont understand the rest of it. Can someone please explain it so me.

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You should read up on GCC inline assembly constraints.

In short, what that ::"r"(&foo_array) says is that you want one input for your assembly code, that the input should be placed in a register, and that its value should be the address of foo_array.
The %0 in the code is substituted with that input, so the code places the address of foo_array in eax.

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