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I need to call main app function from function in imported module.

Since, imported has it's own namespace it prints a name error: "global name...blah, blah..is not defined."

main.py :

from imported import importedFunction

def mainFunction():
    print "MainFunction"


imported.py :

def importedFunction():
    print "importedFunction"

Do I need importlib method? Please help me to fix.

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Please provide the actual error code you are getting, and the stack trace if possible. –  Inbar Rose Jun 10 '13 at 8:12

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You can import the function there, but it's not necessarily the best solution:


def importedFunction():
    print "importedFunction"

    from main import mainFunction

You should import from main in your function, because unless it you will have a loop in your imports.

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I think you don't understand what namespaces are exactly.

For instance, to use a namespace on an imported module you do this:

from imported import importedFunction as func

And then in the rest of your code you can refer to the imported function as simply func.

Additionally, in your code, you are trying to call mainFunction from a module that does not contain mainFunction as it is in your module, the fact that you are importing importedFunction does not let it access functions in your module, because it is still acting inside its own module.

Unless you imported mainFunction into the imported module, but then you would create an infinite loop.... and that is normally frowned upon.

So to answer you "I need to call main app function from function in imported module". That is not possible unless you import your module into the imported module...

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