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I was trying to study Face Recognition using Emgu CV wrapper in C#.I did the recognition fine.What i just want to know is how i do retrieve the calculated Eigenfaces and Average faces in a picture box.Can anyone show me how i do this? Many thanks.

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Check this link for information on EigenFaces (tutorials 4 and above are on it).

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I have watched all the tuitorials on that site. She just show the average faces in a small picture box but she doesn't provide any information about how she did it or a general mechanism on how to do it. She just show what she did and only a theory that i have got on numerous literatures.Any information on function that are used to retrieve the eigenfaces and average/mean face using Emgu cv? – Sisay Jun 23 '13 at 7:26

after calling MCvTermCriteria and EigenObjectRecognizer, write this ibAvg.Image = recognizer.AverageImage;

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