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I am using the SoundCloud API for a web application. With the /tracks endpoint, I have two troubles below.

1. When I send a request with an invalid genres parameters, does the /tracks endpoint return 503 (Service Unavailable)?

When I intentionally use a condition which will not match any tracks with the q parameter like


, responses are empty array as I expect, but with the genres parameter like


, responses are always 503 (I tried about 500 times).

The /tracks endpoint return status 503 so often even with existing genres that I am not sure it means there are not such genres or SoundCloud is having a server trouble. Are there any ways to distinguish them?

2. It seems that the filter parameter doesn't work correctly.

Example requests are below. I wanted streamable tracks and added "streamable" as a filter parameter, but response tracks include some unstreamable tracks. Am I using it incorrectly?

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