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I'm using PyDev under Eclipse to write some Jython code. I've got numerous instances where I need to do something like this:

import as ISubInterface

The problem is that PyDev will always flag this as an error and say "Unresolved import: ISubInterface". The code works just fine, it's just that I'd rather not have these little white/red X-marks next to my code and have my Problems tab littered with these errors.

Is there a way I can add a magic comment or something like that to the end of the line to make PyDev ignore the false error, similar to how you can sprinkle comments like "# pylint: disable-msg=E1101" to make PyLint ignore errors?

Also, there's a possibility I'm just doing it wrong when it comes to using Java interfaces in Jython. In which case a little bit of guidance would be very much appreciated.

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You can make Pylint ignore errors but the error is from Pydev here and I don't know how to suppress this. – Mark Nov 9 '09 at 17:18

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You can add a comment


So your import becomes:

import as ISubInterface #@UnresolvedImport

That should remove the error/warning. There are other comments you can add as well.

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Add the hash character # at the end of the line then with the cursor on the flagged error, press Ctrl-1. One of the options in the menu will be something like @UndefinedVariable. Adding this comment will cause PyDev to ignore the error.

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This doesn't seem to work, at least in Eclipse Juno, latest PyDev. Autofix shows the option for @UndefinedVariable, but choosing it has no effect. – Jeff Axelrod Oct 13 '12 at 18:51
(little thing: Cmd-1 on Mac; and you need to have the # already added otherwise the @UndefinedVariable will appear as an option but never add) – Michael Scott Cuthbert Jan 12 '13 at 1:44

You can make the ignore like the other posts suggest, but the real problem is that Pydev cannot find that class... If you add a .jar that contains that class to your PYTHONPATH it should be able to resolve it (or if you have a Java project that has that class, you should be able to mark that project as a Pydev project and add its bin folder to the project PYTHONPATH -- in which case that class should be found too).

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It is not a PYTHONPATH issue. It is related to importing/using static class-internal members of a Java class. I am getting the same sort of thing all over the place e.g. when trying to use constants in java.awt.Color:

import java.awt.Color as Color
borderColor = Color.BLACK # get "Undefined variable from import: BLACK" error

There is no way I've found to import Color.BLACK in this case. Thanks to iceman for at least pointing out the #@UndefinedVariable flag. That helps a lot. Note also that this is NOT a jython problem, the code runs just fine. It's just an issue with PyDev.

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That was stated as much in the original question: "The problem is that PyDev will always flag this as an error and say "Unresolved import: ISubInterface". The code works just fine" – Pridkett Jun 18 '10 at 14:51

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