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I am building a package from a cmake project organized in 2 source directories: When building manually i have to go in the 2 src dirs and do:

cd src; mkdir build; cd build; cmake .. ; etc...

Now translated into a debian/rules files i have:

#!/usr/bin/make -f
export DH_VERBOSE=1

   dh "$@" -Dsrc1 --buildsystem=cmake
   dh "$@" -Dsrc2 --buildsystem=cmake

This does not work, and only build package with src1. Any hint ?

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dh command will automatically detect the buildsystem. I recommend you to check the man pages of dh.

man dh

You can try this code in your debian/rules file.

#!/usr/bin/make -f
    dh  $@ --sourcedirectory=src1
    dh  $@ --sourcedirectory=src2

Indent the dh lines with tabs, not with spaces because of makefile syntax.

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