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I'm trying to merge several existing PDF files into a single one. The tricky part comes when trying to add a table of contents that link to the first page of every merged pdf file.

I tried to generate a separate pdf with a ToC and then merging with the other files, but this breaks the links/bookmarks.

I also tried to add the PDF files while generating the ToC, but I can't add an existing PDF to the flowable.

The next questions seem to relate to this, but the answers don't really apply to this case, or some I haven't been able to use to solve this with that solution.

Clickable TOC with x of y page numbering

Create outlines/TOC for existing PDF in Python

Merge existing PDF into new reportlab pdf via flowables


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I believe you can do this sort of thing with the paid version of ReportLab, though I'm not certain. –  G Gordon Worley III Jun 11 '13 at 14:44

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