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I'm currently working on a project which necessits to import into Neo4j datas from website created with Joomla/jomsocial.

I use triplify to generate a rdf file containing some triples. Triples are on the following form : <> <> <> . You can visualize the file here

I would like to import directly this file. I guess it's possible because this file describes the graph.

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If you want your app to be performant and you're using semantic technologies, you should use a real RDF database. – Michael Jun 10 '13 at 17:49

Can you show the file structure as an example.

Also do you know how your result graph should look like?

In general it is just parsing the file and calling cypher create statements for the nodes and relationships, see: and

For real RDF files there are also importers on top of Neo4j:

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Concerning the file structure, my goal is to create a real RDF file (maybe some attributes names will be wrong but nevermind). I would like to import a file which has the same structure than the file we can find at this site (rdf dump).

The beginning of the extracted file (14Go) is the following :

< http: //> < http: //> < http: //> .

< http: //> < http: //> "Modern Database Systems"^^< http: //> .

I'm gonna try to make a parser but I'm sure a converter rdf->cypher or an importer rdf for neo4j already exists. (or tomorrow, it will)

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If you can find one that suits your needs starting form fine, otherwise, feel free to do one and notify the list etc. It's OSS after all :) – Peter Neubauer Jun 13 '13 at 8:27

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