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I have a (Mercurial) repo on BitBucket where I have a documentation directory to keep some simple markdown files

        many files

This setup allows me to develop my documentation in sync with my code. I can write a small page documentating a new feature on a feature branch, and then merge both the source and the documentation into the master branch with a single commit.

However, the BitBucket wiki is a separate repository by itself (and I believe it's the same for GitHub). I can't figure out how to point it to my documentation. What works is to rename doc to wiki and make it a sub-repo inside project, but then it loses the branches from the main repo.

So my question is: Is there any way I can let my wiki track the doc subdirectory (with all its branches) from my main repository? Does Git or GitHub make it any easier?

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There does not seem to be a way to track the wiki directory inside the project directory. But you can link to files in the project repository from the wiki. Example:

[README from default](https://bitbucket.org/owner/repository/src/tip/README.md)
[README from feat-aa](https://bitbucket.org/owner/repository/src/aa/README.md)
[Some other file](https://bitbucket.org/owner/repository/src/tip/doc/SOMEFILE.md)

You can even embed pictures hosted in the repository by putting "raw" in the url when using the ![]() syntax:

![A image](https://bitbucket.org/owner/repository/raw/tip/image.png)

If you use the Creole syntax instead of markdown, there is even an easier way.

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I tried this, but the relative links and pictures don't seem to work. I'll experiment more, and if it's the best I can do, I'll accept this answer. –  TemplateRex Jun 13 '13 at 8:53
To link to an image you can use the raw link: bitbucket.org/owner/project/raw/tip/picture.png and use the usual syntax: ! [ ] ( ) –  Rudy Matela Jun 13 '13 at 19:58
I'll add that to the answer. –  Rudy Matela Jun 13 '13 at 19:58

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