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Some years ago I bought a projector with WiFi support: Acer P5260i. I was severely disappointed to find out that the wireless driver only supported duplicate display, thus making it useless for my setup. I need a dashboard application on computer screen and an audience view on projector screen.

Alt 1: The best approach would be to have an alternative driver that could support dual screen for wireless projectors in the same way as with wired projectors. I asked Acer support for this but got no attention. I think you could expect that when you buy a wireless projector. Is it really that hard to do? Is there any community driven generic drivers that might work? Would it be complicated for me to create my own alternative driver?

Alt 2: I recently read that Windows 8.1 will have native support for Miracast technology. That might work as an emergency solution but I also read that it might be a bit unstable for long distances.

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I have been looking everywhere with this exact same question.

I found a site: (http://www.wihdrocks.com/wtf-is-miracast/) that shows tablets utilizing the tv as the screen and the tablet as a controller. I have not found any sources clearly stating whether or not a device would be able to utilize miracast as a dual screen similar to a wired connection.

Hope this helped some. I hope somebody will post with more clarity on the topic.


I found this site: (http://shop.actiontec.com/) which sells a miracast adapter with the ability to. "Extend or Mirror"..."Extend your Windows desktop with WiDi for multi-tasking and entertainment. Write emails, chat or browse the Web while viewing your favorite movie."

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Thanks, for your feedback. I hope you are right. I guess we will see when those adapters come around for a trial. –  Jakob Lithner Jun 24 '13 at 7:38

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