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I've finished writing a WCF service that uses TCP. It is meant to run on a Windows 2003 Server, which doesn't have WAS available, so I've written a Windows service to host my WCF service. It works great on my development machine.

Now, how do I get these two services onto the Windows 2003 Server? Do I just copy the WCF service there and that's it? I would think it would probably be best if I put it into some specific location, but where would that be? And then the hosting Windows service, how do I deploy that to the Windows 2003 Server?

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You should have a service deployment project that you've used in the Dev area. It will be the same technique.

Example of creating a service in c# from codeproject

put it in program files\Your Service

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Shoot. I think you're right. That's the problem with only having a chance to work on this thing once every 3 months, there's so much I forget as time goes by... –  Rod Nov 9 '09 at 18:05
OK, I just double checked, and I don't have a deployment project as a part of the solution. Instead what I did was used the svrutil to generate a project, incorporated that into the Windows service project, and when I went to register the Windows service on my development machine I used installutil. So, how do I do the same thing on the server? –  Rod Nov 9 '09 at 18:34

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