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I have a strange behaviour with a Quartz triggered cron route. Whenever I define an hourly cron job everything works fine.

<route id="kunden.xml.generate.quartz">
    <from uri="quartz://kunden.xml.generate.quartz?cron=0+0+0/1+*+*+?"/>
    <bean ref="kundenXmlExportDataBuilderService" method="generateKundenXmls"/>

With fine I mean the method generateKundenXmls gets called. But If I change the cron expression in order to run it ever 2nd hour on minute 35 cron trigger fires but the method does not get called.

<route id="kunden.xml.generate.quartz">
    <from uri="quartz://kunden.xml.generate.quartz?cron=0+35+0/2+*+*+?"/>
    <bean ref="kundenXmlExportDataBuilderService" method="generateKundenXmls"/>

I think I have located the reason why the method does not get called but I have no idea what is going wrong. Camel uses a RoundRobinLoadBalancer to choose the processor. It calls getProcessors() but it returns an empty list and therefore does not call my Spring bean.

Does anyone know such a behaviour and can give me a hint? Thank you.

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i don't know if you got this already.... but try */2 instead of 0/2 – Manuel Richarz Oct 17 '13 at 9:27

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