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Hi i have this managed bean where it makes MySQL queries, the problem here is the SQL statement makes a '=' condition instead of 'LIKE'

Here is the code in my managed bean.

    Connection con = ds.getConnection();

          if (con == null) {
            throw new SQLException("Can't get database connection");
        finally {    
        PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(
                "SELECT * FROM Clients WHERE Machine LIKE '53'");
        //get customer data from database
        ResultSet result = ps.executeQuery();
        List list;
    list = new ArrayList();

    while ( {
        Customer cust = new Customer();

        //store all data into a List

    return list;

Here the SELECT command does not pull all the numbers in 'Machine' column which is like 53, but if i enter a whole value, such as the complete number (53544) in place of 53 then the result is pulled up. I am confused !!

Also if i replace the above select statement with SELECT * FROM Clients the entire database is stored in list. Any ideas ?

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Use wildcards:

Like '%53%'

...means everything that contains '53'.

Like '%53' - it ends with 53
LIKE '53%' - it starts with 53

You can also use _ if You want to replace a single character.

You can find a descriptipn HERE

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I totally forgot about % !! Thanks ! that did the trick ... silly me ... – Telson Alva Jun 10 '13 at 11:07

You sql query should be

"SELECT * FROM Clients WHERE Machine LIKE '%53%'
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