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I'm working on a a MapReduce execution on my Node.js + Express.js server.

I'm using Mongoose as ODM, and I need to pass a key-value array named _affinities into the map function global scope. To do this, I'm currently passing the array inside the o.scope object:

var o = {}; // Object sent to Mongoose as options

// Scope to pass affinities
o.scope = {
    affs : _affinities,
    test : 'test'

However, while using those values in o.map, it says affs is an empty array. However, if I try to log test, it shows the correct value.

// Note: this is just a test, I don't need to pass affs & test as the key.
o.map = function() {
       a : affs, 
       test : test,
       id : this._id 
    }, this.score);

I have only one finalize function (for testing), without a reduce one.

o.finalize = function (k, v) 
    return v;

MyModel.mapReduce(o, callback);

Am I doing something wrong? Is not supported by MongoDB passing arrays?

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One idea: at the time of the call to MyModel.mapReduce is the array _affinities still set with the correct value? A reference to the array _affinities is stored in your o.scope object, not a copy. –  WiredPrairie Jun 10 '13 at 12:21
I was so stupid not thinking about this, thanks so much! –  leonardfactory May 17 at 23:54

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