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This is not a programming question, but I need to know something:

If I do a Google search on images and find the image I want, download it and then use it on my website by adding a caption for the defaultsource for example "image source: cnn.com"

will this make it legal to use it?

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Off topic - but no, not necessarily. It depends on how the image is licensed, you can't just take it and assume it's ok if you give credit to the author. –  berry120 Jun 10 '13 at 11:07

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No, it is never legal to use an image which has a copyright attached for your own purpose without following the licencing restrictions of the copyright holder. Sometimes that does mean you can use it on your site, sometimes it doesn't. You need to go to the original source of the image, see how it was copyrighted and contact them if it is not obvious whether they allow reuse or not.

There are a lot of Creative Commons licensed images out there. If you're not building a commercial website for profit, you might consider looking for something in this category.

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