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I am facing = 'none'; this error in prototype.js in line 1931 in magento 1.7

someone please shortout this problem as soon as problems.

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Yes, I got this same error. I debugged it by closing div, I found that error was gone when I closed header div and after deep digging, it was in catelogsearch folder, the JavaScript in this page using a div which was deleted by me so that made element null – Muhammad Irfan Jul 31 '13 at 23:32

That line number is referring to the hide() method. However I think you are using an older version of PrototypeJS as this line is at a different line number in the current version (1.7.1).

Regardless most likely you are trying to run the hide() method on an element that does not exist in your current DOM.

For Instance

//There is no element on the page with the id "missingid" so this will fail 

Double check the id you are trying to hide as well as check the version of PrototypeJS that you have loaded.

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