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I am just getting started with Neo4j and py2neo. I am experimenting with the batch feature available in py2neo for bulk data loading of a neo4j database.

At a basic level, I want to create two nodes (or get them if they already exist) and create a relationship between them with a default weight (or increment the weight if the relationship already exists) using WriteBatch in py2neo.

The documentation explains only how to create two new nodes and form a relationship between them. I am looking into something along the lines of:

from py2neo import neo4j, cypher
graphdb = neo4j.GraphDatabaseService()
topic_index = graphdb.get_or_create_index(neo4j.Node, "node_index")
batch = neo4j.WriteBatch(graphdb)
batch.get_or_create_indexed_node('node_index', 'name', 'Alice', {'name': 'Alice'})
batch.get_or_create_indexed_node('node_index', 'name', 'Bob', {'name': 'Bob'})
batch.get_or_create_indexed_relationship('rel_index', 'type', 'KNOWS', 0, 'KNOWS', 1, {})
results = batch.submit()

However, this fails with the error:

SystemError: {u'stacktrace': [u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke('], u'message': u'{\n "message" : "For input string: \"{0}\"",\n "exception" : "BadInputException",\n "stacktrace" : [ "", "", "", "java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(", "org.neo4j.server.web.Jetty6WebServer.invokeDirectly(", "", "", "", "", "", "", "java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(" ]\n}', u'exception': u'BatchOperationFailedException'}

Based on the 'Bad Input Exception', I am pretty sure that is a problem with the start_node and end_node arguments. Basically, I want to refer to the previous get_or_create nodes and relationships. How do you refer to these in the batch?

UPDATE: after much experimentation, I have narrowed in on a possible method to reproduce this error - if either of the nodes in the get_or_create already exist in the graph, the batch operation fails with a bad input error on the index corresponding to the existing node. I have also updated the code to show exactly what I ran. Running this code for the first time succeeds (with both nodes NOT present in the graph). Running it again fails.

py2neo version: 1.5

neo4j version: 1.8.2

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Using your exact code, I'm unable to reproduce the problem with py2neo 1.5 and Neo4j 2.0.0-M03. Could you clarify which versions of py2neo and Neo4j you are using?

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I've edited the question to include the version as well as a possible way to reproduce the problem. – Harry Jun 11 '13 at 8:42
I also cannot reproduce this problem. I'm running py2neo 1.6.1 and Neo4j 2.0.0-RC1 – cod3monk3y Dec 12 '13 at 3:25

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