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I have spent a lot of time trying to attach a file into a mongoid paperclip field. The examples that I have found, always do the same:

my_model_instance = MyModel.new
file = File.open(file_path)
my_model_instance.attachment = file

as you can see in How to set file programmatically using Paperclip.

The model that I have done is:

class Logotype
    include Mongoid::Document
    include Mongoid::Paperclip

    has_mongoid_attached_file :logo,
      styles: {large: ['640x160'], small: ['300x300>']},
      size: { in: 0..3.megabytes },
      content_type: [ "image/jpg", "image/png", "image/bmp" ],
      storage: :filesystem,
      path: ':rails_root/public/resource/resources/:id/:style.:extension',
      url: '/logos/resources/:id/:style.:extension'

    validates_presence_of :logo
    validates_uniqueness_of :logo

However I have always the same big error:

NoMethodError: undefined method `__bson_dump__' for /logos/resources/51b5bfaa69fd8a7941000005/original.jpg?1370865578:Paperclip::Attachment

Could someone help me? Thanks in advance!

PD: Sorry for my English level.

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