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I need to isolate user-written code snippets from each other in javascript. For now the funniest thing i can think of is closures:

function executor() {
		size0 = document.getElementById("load").innerHTML;
		window.alert('zero:' +  size0);
				// document = {"innerHTML":"empty"};
				window.alert('Hello again!');
				size1 = document.getElementById("load").innerHTML;
				window.alert('first:' + size1);
						size2 = document.getElementById("load").innerHTML;
						window.alert('Hello now!');
						window.alert('second:' + size2);
						// window.alert('second:' +document.getElementById('load').size());

Is there a better and safer way to do this? Can i close prototype for various things like arrays?

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As far as I know the easiest, and best, way to sandbox javascript is via iframes. Here is a blog post that might help.

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You could look at Caja from Google. It's designed for running scripts from third parties safely and securely.

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