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In my Rails app, I want to render the flash message from my controller method delete_option (questions_controller) to a partial _edit.html.erb inside questions folder itself. I have a js file delete_option.js.erb and I could successfully render the edit using the below line to a div element with id edit_subquestion.

$("#edit_subquestion").html("<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => "edit")) %>");

I put a div element inside the _edit.html.erb to render the flash message as given below.

<div id="flash_delete_option"></div>

I am trying to render the flash message from the method delete_option to the above div element as given below.

if((<%=flash[:success]%>).length > 0)
    $("#flash_delete_option").html("<%= escape_javascript(render('<%=flash[:success]%>')) %>");

I am getting syntax errors. Please help to resolve this. Everything tried as per the answer. Not getting it.

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You can use ruby to do conditionals in your edit.js.erb file. Also, since you're inside the escape_javascript, you don't call render in there.

<% if flash[:success] %>
    $("#flash_delete_option").html("<%= escape_javascript flash[:success]%>");
<% end %>
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Thanks for the help. But, again syntax error. –  Rajesh C O Jun 10 '13 at 13:31
There's no syntax error here. It must be elsewhere (please post the syntax error) –  Jesse Wolgamott Jun 10 '13 at 13:32
SyntaxError in Questions#delete_option Showing /home/local/Rajesh/VX/app/views/questions/delete_option.js.erb where line #2 raised: compile error /home/local/Rajesh/VX/app/views/questions/delete_option.js.erb:2: syntax error, unexpected ';' ...lash_delete_option").html("');@output_buffer.append= ( escap... ^ Extracted source (around line #2): 1: <% if flash[:success]? %> 2: $("#flash_delete_option").html("<%= escape_javascript flash[:success]%>"); 3: <% end %> 4: 5: <% if flash[:notice]? %> –  Rajesh C O Jun 10 '13 at 13:36
Please update with your current app/views/questions/delete_option.js.erb --- it does not match mine. –  Jesse Wolgamott Jun 10 '13 at 15:33
Sorry, I need to put it over here? –  Rajesh C O Jun 10 '13 at 16:29

Jesse Wolgamott : if loop was the problem. I modified it. now, its working.

<% unless flash[:success].blank? %>
    $("div .success").html("<%= escape_javascript (raw(flash[:success])) %>");
    $("div .success").show(200);
    $("div .success").click(function(){
        $("div .success").hide(200);
<% end %>
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