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Now that I have decided upon Firebird, with the help of StackOverflow :), which driver do you recommend?

  • Delphi's DBX
  • Another vendor's DBX
  • Some native driver


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I use DBX since Delphi 6, and Im happy :)

  • With Delphi 2010 Im using default Firebird driver - Only available for Enterprise and Architect editions
  • Delphi 2006, 2007 and 2009 I have used CoreLabs/DevArt DBX Drivers
  • Until Delphi 7 I have used default DBX Interbase driver

Now you can also test this free DBX driver that seems to be very good

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I usually recommended any database components comes from Devart, because they always have been best of their category.

they have two products support FB, which are IBDac which is direct access components to IB & FB, and Unidac which is universal direct access components and has support for IB/FB beside other many like: oracle, SQL server, MySql, PostgreSql and ODBC links too.

Why I recommended them?, because they faster than most of other components, and very stable with great support.

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Thanks for that link - I just learnt that Devart is/was CoreLabs. Cool - their MS SQL Server dbXpress is pretty damn good. –  robsoft Nov 9 '09 at 20:33
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Firebird is a good choice.

Delphi DBX can be good.

You can also investigate some free JVUIB or some you need to pay FIBPlus - IBDac - IBObjects

and others there

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