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I have created a dataTable and filling data inside the table using json object. My problem is in pagination i am not getting the total number of pages.

                    "bPaginate" : true,                     
                    "bLengthChange" : false,                        
                    "bFilter" : false,
                    "bSort" :true,
                    "bInfo" : false,
                    "bAutoWidth" : false

Please help me in this issue... Thanks in advance.... enter image description here

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Maybe you have set to "display: none". Try to inspect the place where you expect it to appear – Morpheus Jun 10 '13 at 14:09

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Are you missing the, "Showing 1 to x of n entries" below the table? If so try reading this:

If this isn't the problem, can you post a picture of what is wrong? DataTables should (by default) display the total number of pages from a JSON object

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