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What's up with JNDI names? I'm trying to get a javax.sql.DataSource using the new annotations feature of Java 5. It's not working for me, so I want to ask...

I have a in my web.xml, inside of it is an element. I'm switching between "jdbc/MyDB" and "MyDB". Neither makes my class-based DataSource work (it's always null) but in another example I've created using taglibs, both of these JNDI names work.

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No, it is not. It is just the convention so that it's clear to everyone what resource it is.

You can even name it k34ug6i2u3dn234uy5f, but that would lead to future maintenance problems.

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But what if the resource was explicitly named like "jdbc/MyResource"? Should it be referenced as "jdbc/MyResource"? Or will "MyResource" suffice? We have a weird problem... The resource is created with "jdbc/" prefix, but in the code it's referenced without one. Application runs normally, but the Arquillian tests fail :( – jFrenetic Sep 10 '12 at 13:41

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