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As more and more service oriented PHP is being done these days, I find myself with a lot of PHP files that have this long chunk of code just for initialization. In other languages like C++ or typescript you can do the following without all the duplication. A PHP example:

namespace Test\Controllers;
use Test\Services\AppleService;
use Test\Services\BananaService;
use Test\Services\PearService;
use Test\Services\LemonService;
use Test\Services\PeachService;

class TestController{

    protected $appleService;
    protected $bananaService;
    protected $lemonService;
    protected $pearService;
    protected $peachService;

    public function __construct(
    AppleService $appleService,
    BananaService $bananaService,
    LemonService $lemonService,
    PearService $pearService,
    PeachService $peachService
        $this->appleService = $appleService;
        $this->bananaService = $bananaService;
        $this->lemonService = $lemonService;
        $this->pearService = $pearService;
        $this->peachService = $peachService;

A Typescript Example:

module namespace Test.Controllers {
    export class TestController{
        private appleService:Test.Services.AppleService,
        private bananaService:Test.Services.BananaService,
        private lemonService:Test.Services.LemonService,
        private pearService:Test.Services.PearService,
        private peachService:Test.Services.PeachService

My question is:

Are there better/shorter ways to do the same thing, and/or is any support to make this easier planned for upcoming PHP releases?

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Dependency Injection Containers, like Pimple? –  Mark Baker Jun 10 '13 at 14:27
@MarkBaker That deals with instantiation not defining. Plus pimple is more of a service locator then a DI Container.... still useful though. –  Orangepill Jun 10 '13 at 14:32
I think you are stuck with this. The only abbreviation that I can offer is that you can drop the use statements for favor of using namespaced class names but I don't believe it's a meaningful improvement. As @MarkBaker stated DI Containers/Service Locators can ease the pain of creating and managing instances. –  Orangepill Jun 10 '13 at 14:36
I'm aware of dependency injection containers. However, to make my code more testable I'd rather not work with injecting a whole container. Property injection feels like hacking to me. Aren't there any plans for PHP5.5+ to deal with this issue? –  Jeremy Jun 10 '13 at 14:37

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There is an alternative, property injection:

use DI\Annotation\Inject;

class TestController
     * @Inject
     * @var AppleService
    private $appleService;
     * @Inject
     * @var BananaService
    private $bananaService;
     * @Inject
     * @var LemonService
    private $lemonService;
     * @Inject
     * @var PearService
    private $pearService;
     * @Inject
     * @var PeachService
    private $peachService;

Is that shorter, or simpler to write? I'll let you judge. But I love it, I don't end up with a bloated constructor. This is inspired from Java/Spring FYI.

Now this example works with PHP-DI (disclaimer: I work on that), but there may be other DI containers that offer the same functionality.

WARNING: property injection doesn't fit everywhere.

I find it appropriate for controllers (since controllers are not supposed to be reused). Read more here.

I don't think it would be appropriate to use it in services. So that's not the ultimate solution.

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