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I am developing a Play 1.2.5 application that will be installed in a Tomcat context:


And in my routes file I have:

GET     /companies/{companyID}/employees    Employees.getForCompany

As per the instructions for deploying a Play application in a Tomcat context, I am generating URLs exlusively using the Reverse Router. This works fine, but I am not sure what to do in the case of a jQuery method such as an Ajax request of this style:

var companyID = $('#companies').find(":selected").val();
    url : "@{Employees.getForCompany(companyID)}",

Obviously the value of companyID isn't known at the time of the generation of the HTML and the resolution of routes by the reverse router.

The only solution that I can see is to reconfigure my routes file so that the URLs are different and the parameters are always at the end, but that makes the REST URLs less logical.

GET     /companies/employees/{companyID}    Employees.getForCompany

Is there a better way?

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I have found the solution myself - Play includes the jsAction tag which generates a function that builds the correct URL:

var companyURL = #{jsAction @Employees.getForCompany(':companyID') /}
    url : companyURL({companyID:companyID}),

Like that I can maintain the preferred routes mapping:

GET     /companies/{companyID}/employees    Employees.getForCompany
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