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I'm looking to map a modestly-expensive function onto a large lazy seq in parallel. pmap is great but i'm loosing to much to context switching. I think I need to increase the size of the chunk of work thats passed to each thread.

I wrote on a function to break the seq into chunks and pmap the function onto each chunk and recombine them. this 'works' but the results have not been spectacular. The origional code essentially looks like this:

(pmap eval-polynomial (range x) coificients)

How can I really squeez this while keeping it lazy?

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How about using the partition function to break up your range sequence? There was an interesting post on a similar problem at http://www.fatvat.co.uk/2009/05/jvisualvm-and-clojure.html

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If you don't mind something slightly exotic (in exchange for some really noticeable speedup), you might also want to look into the work done by the author of the Penumbra-library, which provides easy access to the GPU.

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I would look at the Fork/Join library, set to be integrated into JDK 7. It's a lightweight threading model optimized for nonblocking, divide-and-conquer computations over a dataset, using a thread pool, a work-stealing scheduler and green threads.

Some work has been done to wrap the Fork/Join API in the par branch, but it hasn't been merged into main (yet).

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Yeah if you can wait for the par branch I would, the little bits I've seen of it are mind blowing. –  Runevault Nov 10 '09 at 6:25
@Runevault how is it mind blowing. Seems like a wrapper on fork join –  Surya Sep 20 '10 at 21:13

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