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I succeeded to create a register form, and now users can register my site. But I can't create a form where users can edit their profile.

I have sf_guard_user and sf_guard_user_profile in my schema.yml

Does someone have an article about how to do that ? I tried few ideas without success.

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The quick way to start is to create a frontend CRUD with the task

./symfony doctrine:generate-crud ie.

./symfony doctrine:generate-crud frontend user sfGuardUser

(or you can just generate the profile form with the doctrine:build-forms task)

From here you can customize the form. The most tricky part will be merging the two forms, the sf_gurd_user_form (the one with the password and the username) and the sf_guard_profile_form. If you want profile fields and user fields on the same form you should use embedded forms as stated here:


A snippet from that blog page:

class sfGuardUserForm extends BasesfGuardUserForm
  public function configure()
    $profileForm = new UserProfileForm($this->object->Profile);
    unset ($profileForm['id'], $profileForm['sf_guard_user_id']);
    $this->embedForm("profile", $profileForm);
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+1 - i use the technique in the linked article regularly. just be aware that there are issues around post validators not getting copied over if you use the code as supplied. –  benlumley Nov 9 '09 at 20:34

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