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Here's the string: 04046955104021109

I need it to be formatted like so: 040469551-0402-1109

What's the shortest/most efficient way to do that with ruby?

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Shortest in lines of code, or most efficient as in quickest to execute? –  Scott Markwell Nov 9 '09 at 18:48
Shortest in lines of code. –  Shpigford Nov 9 '09 at 19:34

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Two simple inserts will work just fine:

example_string.insert(-9, '-').insert(-5, '-')

The negative numbers mean that you are counting from the end of the string. You could also count from the beginning if you'd like:

example_string.insert(9, '-').insert(14, '-')
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It's worth noting this is a modifying method. After running either of these lines example_string is now '040469551-0402-1109', not the original '04046955104021109'. I'm actually a little surprised the method name isn't insert!. –  Lucy Bain Sep 25 '14 at 1:55

how about

s = "04046955104021109"
"#{s[0,9]}-#{s[9,4]}-#{s[13, 4]}"
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Here's a little script to show the match:

pattern = /\A(\d*?)(\d{4})(\d{4})\Z/

s = "04046955104021109"

output = s.gsub(pattern,'\1-\2-\3')
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Sometimes I think Regexp's are overused, and actually I kind of like Harpastum's solution, but for the record...

>> s = '04046955104021109'
>> s.sub /(....)(....)$/, '-\1-\2'
=> "040469551-0402-1109"
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